argan oil for hair straightener

5 Benefits of Using Argan Oil with Hair Straightening

When it comes to straightening your client’s hair, you want it to look good while remaining healthy as well.

Argan oil bulk orders allow you to achieve just that as it is a natural oil that helps to protect the hair.

The compounds found in argan oil are ideal for straightening your client’s strands and here are some reasons why.

Liquid Gold at It’s Finest

Argan oil, which can only be sourced in south-west Morocco, is truly a precious natural resource when it comes to hair.

The golden-hued oil is made up of natural ingredients such as vitamin E as well as an abundance of fatty acids.

Using Argan Oil When Straightening Hair

Once you have shampooed and towel dried your client’s hair, you can prepare the hair for straightening by adding just a small amount of argan oil.

It is important that you make sure you are distributing the product thoroughly, so all of the strands are protected.

Once you’ve worked the oil through the hair, you’ll find that the hair is much easier to manipulate and dries much straighter as well.

Lots of benefits

The natural components found in argan oil add moisture to the hair while protecting it against excessive heat which is ideal for hair straightening, using chemicals, and more.

Here are some of the many ways that argan oil can help improve the hair straightening process.

Acts as a barrier

Applying direct heat can be very hard on the hair strands and even result in breakage. And if you are performing a chemical service on your client as well, you will need to ensure that their hair is thoroughly protected.

Applying argan oil to the strands before applying heat can help to prevent the strands from becoming heat damaged.

Helps to condition strands

Not only is it a good idea to apply the oil to the hair before you start the straightening process, but if you are coloring your client’s hair, argan oil can help with that by protecting hair from harmful substances.

Mixing argan oil with hair color can help condition your client’s hair while it is being processed. And because chemical services can weaken the strands, argan oil allows you to be able to straighten color-treated hair without causing excessive breakage.

Achieve a Sleeker Style

One of the best benefits of using argan oil when flat ironing the hair is that the oil helps the cuticles and fly away strands lay as flat as possible.

This helps the finished look to have an even sleeker appearance and a uniform style.

Adds instant shine to the hair

Not only does argan oil help the hair to become healthier, when you use it during the styling process, the hair looks much glossier.

Unlike other oils, argan oil allows your clients to have an amazing sheen without the hair being weighed down.

And because of the light weight of the argan oil, you can give your clients a straightening service that has lots of shine as well as movement.

Best Ways to Use Argan Oil with Hair Straightener

Argan Oil Can Increase Your Clients’ Satisfaction

Being able to give your clients a service that meets or even exceeds their expectations is why they seek your professional services in the first place.

However, maintaining a style in between visits can be somewhat challenging for some clients.

Argan oil adds shine and reduces frizz, helping your clients to maintain their straight hair much long.

By purchasing argan oil in bulk, you can ensure that your clients achieve the best style every time which is a sure way to get them to come back.

Paying It Forward with Argan Oil

Although the argan tree grows in many regions, the ones that grow in south-west Morocco are special in that they are the only ones that can produce the oil.

And just like the tree, the Amazigh women who extract the oil from the tree’s fruit are unique in what they do as well.

When you add argan oil to your inventory, you help both the argan tree and the Amazigh women continue to prosper by doing what they do best.

The Ultimate Go To

While all clients love a nice hair style, it is seeing their hair flourish that ultimately keeps them coming back.

When you add argan oil to your assortment, you can help your clients maintain the health of their hair no matter what service they are receiving.

From adding a silky feel to straightened hair or producing an even color treatment, argan oil can improve virtually every service.