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We sell and supply high-quality, 100% organic wholesale Argan oil, purely sourced directly from Morocco that is cold-pressed to ensure minimal nutrients loss in the product. All of our products are certified with ISO 9001 and Ecocert with no additives or preservatives are added. We have various bulk sizes to choose from such as the 5L, 1 Gallon, 35 Lb container and more. Get in touch with us today.

Our wholesale Products

5 liter oil container

5L And 10 Liter HDPE Plastic Bottles

1 Gallon Plastic Container

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Organic Certified

All of our products are 100% organic, sourced directly from Argania spinosa trees in Morocco and are cold-pressed to ensure maximum nutrients are maintained.


We provide reliable business to our customers and partners. This include everything from ensuring the quality is up to the standard to shipping and after-service.

Customer Support

What’s more? We support all of our argan oil wholesale products with reliable and responsive customer service.

Product Information

Argan oil (also known as liquid gold) is plant oil produced from the kernels of Argan tree which has gained popularity in beauty and skincare industry due to its numerous beneficial properties.

Some of the key benefits are:

    • Natural vitamin E content for superior skin rejuvenation
    • Abundant antioxidants for comprehensive skincare
    • Lightweight daily moisturizer for a non-greasy feel
    • Promotes healthy hair, combating damage and split ends
    • Nourishes weak nails and softens dry cuticles
    • Enhances hair with a luxurious, exotic shine

Versatile applications of bulk Argan oil are:

    • Hair Care: Strengthen, hydrate, and add brilliance to salon products
    • Skin Care: Incorporate into creams, lotions, and soaps for moisturizing benefits
    • Massage Oil: Ideal as a base for relaxing massage oils
    • Nail Care: Strengthen and soften cuticles in professional nail care products
    • Eyelash & Eyebrow Care: Nourish and promote growth in cosmetic formulations
    • Makeup Removal: Gentle, soothing removal in beauty and skincare lines
    • Lip Care: Moisturize and heal lips in lip balm formulations
    • DIY Cosmetics: A valuable base for creating unique cosmetic products

We make sure we serve

The Best Of Our Service

Argan Oil In Bulk

We sell cold & fresh-pressed organic argan oil in bulk without ever compromising quality. Order online and have it shipped to your door.

Private Label

Do you want your own brand argan oil products? With your own organic beauty products, you can promote stronger customer recognition and loyalty.

Shelf-Ready Products

Our shelf-ready products offer a great way to increase your sales. Premium organic argan oil for hair, face and body in eye-catching bottles.

Have a look at

What We Have To Offer

We offer a variety of argan oil wholesale options, including 100% pure oil in bulk, white labels for those interested in adding their own branding, and shelf-ready products for those seeking a quick and convenient solution.

Moroccan Argan Oil In Bulk

We are your reliable supplier and manufacturer of Argan oil and we export our products worldwide. If you’re looking for a top notch exporter, we are the company you are looking for.

We carry and pack Argan oils in bulk in our own third-party audited top-of-the-line manufacturing facility and regularly work with big brands. We also love startups & small businesses as they are the driver of economy

With us, you can buy your organic bulk oil online. All pricing is transparent and live on our website.

Argan Oil Private Label

We offer complete private label services. We produce the oil, bottle it, and print and apply your unique label.

You can have your own brand of Argan oil with a minimum order of only 500 bottles.

Our high quality and low minimums make it easy to get started with Argan oil.

Shelf-Ready Argan Products

Our bright, eye-catching bottles are both practical and beautiful.

These shelf-ready bottles will help increase your sales and consumer brand awareness for your business.

There’s no better time than now to take advantage of the growing popularity of our shelf ready argan oil products.

We make sure we serve

The Best Of Our Service

Worldwide Delivery

USA, Canada, EU, Australia, Asia – wherever you are, we’ve got you covered.

Passion & Quality

100% Pure Wholesale Argan Oil – Fully Traceable Moroccan Origin.

Customer Service

We are here to help. We reply to all customers within 24 hours / Monday to Friday.

We make sure we serve

We provide all information, certifications and authorizations required to help you to develop your business or brands.

What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say

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    • Buy gallons, single drums, partial pallets or full pallets
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