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Argan Oil and Hair Color: A Fantastic Way to Reduce Hair Coloring Damage

For years women have been battling damages caused by chemically treated hair.

While hair specialists do everything they can to try to help the situation, the truth is they are only as good as the products they use.

Therefore, to be the best hair care specialist, you will need to add Argan oil to your assortment.

Argan oil is what has been dubbed as golden oil since it goes way beyond treating just skin conditions; it also has excellent hair color properties that I will further explain in this article.

So, continue reading, if you would like to know how Argan Oil can help with color-treated hair and where you can get Argan Oil bulk.

Is Argan Oil Good for Colored Hair?

Yes, without a doubt! In fact, pairing this great oil with hair coloring products can help to eliminate the damage done to your hair by all the harsh chemicals contained in these products.

The problem is these chemicals known as oxidative dyes, can’t be removed from hair coloring products since they are what change the hair color.

Therefore, those who colored their hair in the past, had to deal with thin, dry, brittle hair until Argan oil came along.

Benefits of Argan Oil on Colored Hair

By now, most everyone knows about the many benefits that Argan oil has for the skin.

However, there is more to this miracle oil as it also has haircare properties that can be used before, during, and after coloring hair to ensure it stays beautiful, healthy, shiny, and full of life.

You can also use an Argan oil hair mask for even better results.

Before Coloring – Why Use Argan Oil on Hair Before Applying Hair Color


When you use Argan oil on the hair before applying a hair coloring solution, the whole hair coloring process works better since Argan oil helps to strengthen the hair shaft from the inside while working to repair any previous damage and also nourishing each hair strand.

This will allow the natural pigments to be lightened at the same rate while re-pigmentation will also take place in a more even distribution throughout the hair, resulting in a more consistent, uniform color of all the hair from the roots to the very ends.


After using Argan oil on the hair, it will be fully conditioned and repaired causing color molecules to be more evenly distributed, whether the current color of the hair is an intense violet, a rich brown, or a cold true ash color.

Those using the Ugly Duckling Color on their hair will see much better results as their new hair color will be more vibrant with a shinier, and richer look than ever before.

During the Hair Coloring Process


To give your customers an extra boost in haircare treatment, use Argan oil to provide much-needed conditioning therapy and nourishing to the hair while undergoing a hair altering process.

Just mix Argan oil directly in with the application to give it a fantastic boost of conditioning.

Whether it is a hair coloring, perming, chemical straightening, or other application, Argan oil can help reduce any damage caused by these products, but it is especially recommended for perm and bleach applications.

The suggested measurement is 1 tablespoon or 15 ml of Argan oil per every 200 ml or 7 oz. developer and 3.5 oz. of Ugly Duckling hair coloring tube.


Argan Oil will penetrate deep into the cortex during the hair coloring process leaving your customer with softer hair quality when complete.


When used during the hair coloring process, Argan oil will enter the cortex and plump all the hair from inside working to repair brittle parts of the hair causing the fibers to be less brittle during the process.

This works even for brittle parts of the hair on the ends of mid-length or long hair in the case of relaxed or permed hair.

benefits of argan oil for hair color specialists

After-Care Treatment – How Can Argan Oil Help After Hair Coloring?


Argan oil can be quite beneficial to your clients after coloring their hair as it effectively works to close hair cuticles after the coloring process is complete.

This will result in a shinier hair shaft that will be even more pronounced after blow-drying and brushing the hair.


These days long hair is in style; therefore, women will grow their hair long.

The problem with long hair is that the longer it grows the older the ends will get and older parts of the hair tend to get thinner and more worn out.

For this reason, many women will have their stylist cut the ends off of their hair.

However, if Argan oil is used it will help to plump the hair out fully leaving a visible difference, even when an Ugly Duckling hair color application is used.

With Argan oil in play, your clients can grow their hair long without having to remove the ends as these will be in good condition.

What Business Benefits Are Associated With Argan Oil?

Because Argan oil works so well to prevent damage to the hair and the results are clearly noticeable, this magic oil practically sells itself.

Both women and men alike will want to use this miraculous oil that is making its way up the ladder of success as it becomes more popular and widely used.

It is something that no hair specialist should be without as it contains what most everyone is looking for; an all-natural product that works for both skin and hair.

What Social Benefits Are Associated With Argan Oil?

By purchasing Argan oil you are contributing to its makers, a Moroccan tribe known as the Berber women who work hard to deliver this great product.

With the success of Argan oil, these people are finally able to live better lives and their children are now able to get a good education. Before this great product, this was not possible for most of the native Moroccan children.

Therefore, you are not only helping yourself look and feel better, by using this golden oil, but you are also helping the people of Moroccan live better lives.

A Short Summary of What you Have Learned

In this article, you have learned everything you need to know about Argan oil for hair color including the many benefits it has for chemically treated hair if used before, during, and after treatment.

You were also shown the business and social benefits of using Argan oil. Now it’s time for you to try Argan oil for yourself.