argan oil bulk for eczema

Argan Oil for Eczema is Fabulous for Any Skin Type

Argan oil is a fabulous all-natural skincare product that can help fight against eczema and more.

This article contains all the facts about this miraculous oil that is growing in popularity due to its magnificent skincare properties that every woman wants.

You will also learn why every skin specialist needs to add Argan oil to his or her supplies and how to get Argan oil bulk.

What is Argan oil?

Argan Oil is an ancient skin remedy derived from a tree known as, “Argania Spinosa” native to Southern Morocco.

The Golden oil was created and used for years by the women of South-Western Morocco known as the Berber women.

This Moroccan oil contains everything needed to beautify the skin, including:

  • Omega-6 and 9 fatty acids and linoleic acid that contains anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties
  • Antioxidants with moisturizing properties
  • Vitamin E, also high in antioxidants, which helps nourish the skin.

Why All Skin Care Specialists Need to Use Argan Oil

For years, many women have been dealing with the unsightly results of eczema where inflamed patches of dry skin flare up and might arise continuously when least expected.

There is currently no known cure for this condition; however, due to it being rather mild in nature the skin can be treated with natural products, like Argan oil to help relieve symptoms.

In fact, Argan oil is so gentle; some mothers use it on their baby’s bottoms. 

Argan oil has all the benefits that each bottle of skincare products contains and more all bottled up in one product.

Moreover, it is extremely potent so you only have to use a few drops and let it work its magic.

Regular use of this golden oil can revitalize, nourish, and repair the skin giving it that younger, healthier-looking appearance that some women can only dream of. 

Argan oil is also safe and is being used for the face, especially for the sensitive skin around the eyes by many women. Here’s an article on how to use argan oil for eyes.

That’s why skin specialists would be wise to use it. 

How Argan Oil is used to Relieve Eczema

If you have patients that have been fighting eczema for a while and trying to find a skincare product that helps reduce inflamed skin, you are in luck.

Many skin care specialists just like you have been using Argan oil to treat patients with eczema and they only have good things to say about it.

To get the best chances of fighting this skin condition and dry skin patches, make sure your patients follow the correct steps.

Step 1. Wash the area completely

It’s a good idea to shower before use since, in order to absorb the oil properly, the skin must be extremely clean and rid of excess skin cells and sweat to be able to hinder the process.

Step 2. Mix Argan Oil with a Carrier Oil like Jojoba or coconut oil

Remember Argan oil is pure and potent so you want to mix it with a good carrier oil before applying it to the skin, especially if you are sensitive to plant materials.

The carrier oil will essentially dilute the Argan oil while keeping its ability to work its magic and seep into skin layers.

Step 3. Dab Argan Oil onto the Skin with a Cotton Pad or Skin Cloth

Add a few drops of the Argan oil mix onto a cotton pad or a soft skin cloth, and apply all over the affected skin area making sure to get the eczema patches.

Remember that Argan oil is great for other skin conditions, moisturizing, and also helps with anti-aging and reducing wrinkles so be sure to spread it all over the facial area.

Don’t rinse yet.

Step 4. Let Sit on the Skin for At Least 10 Minutes to Overnight Then Rinse

It may take approximately 10 minutes for the mixture oil to completely absorb into the skin.

If you are using Argan oil as a night time treatment then leave the mixture on until morning.

Argan Oil will be working all night long to completely hydrate the skin and relieve it of eczema patches. In the morning, just splash some lukewarm water on the face and rinse.

This application can be repeated daily for beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

argan oil for eczema bulk

Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil is easily absorbed by the skin and the molecular arrangement allows the oil to pass down right into the lower layers.

While it has numerous benefits here are some of the more important ones.

Moisturizes the skin

This all-natural product contains nutrients that work together acting as an emollient to coat the skin with a moisturizing layer providing immediate relief to several skin layers when needed.

Soothes inflamed skin

Vitamin E is a nutrient that acts as both an antioxidant tool and an anti-inflammatory against eczema fighting off free radicals and soothing the inflamed skin.

Sterol Power

Sterol Powers are anti-inflammatory nutrients that help fight against the main eczema symptoms to hydrate and soothe the skin as the oil calms the inflammation.

Nourishes the skin

You can use Argan oil to retain water that cells can use to stay healthy and robust as it delivers a fine film over the skin that water won’t be able to escape.

The result is nourished hydrated skin that’s free from dry conditions.

Fades away dry spots

Our bodies use fatty acids to retain water in cells and hydrate surrounding tissues. Argan oil contains omega-3, omega-6, linoleic, and oleic fatty acid types.

These fatty acids will provide nourishment to the eczema patches causing them to eventually fade.

Business Benefits: Why Add Argan Oil to your Products Line or Services?

By adding Argan oil to your skin products, you will have the potential to earn a high dollar since every woman will want to get their hands on this golden oil once they are aware of the benefits it provides.

The truth is, Argan oil contains everything that women have been searching for throughout the years and it is all-natural, organic, and a high-quality product that’s very effective for making skin look beautiful and wrinkle-free.

What are the Social Benefits Associated with Argan Oil?

There are social benefits tied to Argan oil as well. For every bottle sold of this magic oil, the Berber women receive compensation.

And, these women really deserve it after what they go through to create the luxury oil.

Not only that but, they live in an underdeveloped country that’s just now starting to be built up to where people could really start enjoying life, and kids can have a good education with lots of thanks to Argan oil.

A Short Summary of What You Have Learned

Now that you know all about Argan oil and why adding it to your business would be a very smart move, you are probably anxious to get your hands on the miracle oil as soon as possible.

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However, if you still aren’t convinced that Argan oil should be added to your inventory of skincare products, then you will be the one to miss this great opportunity.