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5 Main Benefits of Using Argan Oil for Hair Styling

Whether you are flat ironing or doing a simple blowdry, these tools can be taxing on your client’s hair.

When you apply a natural product, such as argan oil, for hairstyling, you can protect the strands and improve the hairstyle as well.

Adding Argan oil bulk orders to your assortment can help improve your finished work and here’s how.

What is Argan Oil?

Made from the fruit of the argan tree, argan oil is a natural product that contains fatty acids, antioxidants, and other amazing nutrients.

The natural compounds found in argan oil can help improve the look and feel of the hair while protecting it from damage.

Argan Oil and Styling

Styling the hair, especially with the use of hot tools, can be very hard on the strands.

However, when you apply argan oil to the hair prior to styling, the stands are protected from the heat, appear glossier, and have less frizz.

Whether you are using an argan oil hair straightener or applying the oil as a treatment, here are some of the many benefits.

Protects against breakage

One of the most common reasons many women struggle to grow their hair is due to breakage.

When it comes to hairstyling, the use of hot tools is one of the main causes of damage.

Heat can dry the hair out and cause it to become more susceptible to breakage.

However, applying natural argan oil prior to heat styling can add moisture to the hair and help it retain its length.

Prevents hair loss

Using a chemical to straighten your clients’ hair can cause irritation to the scalp which could result in hair loss.

Because argan oil contains fatty acids and can take high levels of heat, you can use it as a protectant when using chemicals.

By applying argan oil to the scalp and ends, you can help keep your clients’ scalp free of burns as well as prevent their ends from over-processing.

Sleeker styling results

For the amount of time that it takes to straighten curly hair, your clients want the best results possible.

Applying a few drops of argan oil prior to flat ironing the hair can give it the right amount of sheen without weighing the strands down.

Argan oil helps the cuticles lay flat which also adds to the hair’s glossy appearance as light is easily reflected off of the strands.

Great for maintaining styles

Your clients want to look good for as long as possible after they have left your salon.

Argan oil is a great product for maintaining a style as it helps to minimize frizz and can add shine as well.

Also, because argan oil is very moisturizing when your clients apply it between visits, their hair will look good as well as feel good.

Makes styling much easier

Argan oil helps give the hair a good amount of slip which makes it much easier to manage during the styling process.

When using argan oil to straighten the hair, your tools such as the comb, straightener, et cetera tend to glide through and over the stands much easier.

Not only does this help you to achieve better results, but it can make the styling process much faster as well.

argan oil for your hair business

What “liquid gold” can do for your business

In order to maintain success in the hair industry, it is important that you provide quality results with every service.

Adding argan oil to your assortment can help you do just that as it can help your finish styles look better and last longer.

While there are lots of products that claim to reduce frizz or add shine, those products are usually filled with lots of chemicals.

Argan oil is a natural product that can produce all of those results and more while helping your clients maintain a healthy lifestyle through the use of an organic product.

Argan trees bear fruit in more ways than one

The argan tree that grows in south-west Morocco, not only produces the “liquid gold”, but it is also the reason many women have an income.

The Amazigh women make their living by extracting the argan oil the tree’s fruit.

Currently, the argan tree is not permitted to be moved or cut as it has been deemed as essential according to UNESCO.

Each time you place an order for argan oil, you help to solidify the argan tree’s place in society while helping to better the lives of the Amazigh women as well.

The best of all worlds

Time is money and as a hair care professional, you know that very well.

Argan oil allows you to service your clients’ needs in many different ways at once, saving you time and giving them the most for their money.

With just one product, you can protect the hair, make it more manageable, add gloss, and tame frizz.

And best of all, when your clients purchase a bottle, they can represent your work in style until their next appointment.