Fair Trade Argan Oil: Ethical & Organic Products

We sell and supply fair trade organic Argan oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree in south Morocco. All of our products are 100% ethically sourced by the local people, keeping in mind that the producers receive fair compensation for their labor while promoting sustainable practices.

At ArganWholesale.com, we aim to provide the highest-quality of products by keeping in mind these 4 fair trade practices:

  1. Fair prices to producers for their products, which cover the cost of sustainable production and provide a living wage to workers.
  2. Promotes safe and healthy working conditions for producers and workers involved in the production process. This includes adherence to labor laws, prohibition of child labor, and providing access to education and healthcare for workers and their families.
  3. Sustainable harvesting and environmental conservation to protect the natural habitat of the argan tree and the biodiversity it supports.
  4. Provide community development initiatives aimed at improving the social, economic, and environmental well-being of producer communities. 

By buying products from us, you help support not only the lives of women and people in the community, but also preserves the rare argan trees that have been slowly dying out for more generations to come.

The Impact On The Lives Of Berber Women

For centuries, Berber women (Amazigh or Imazighen) have been engaged in the hard and time-consuming tasks of drying and shelling the argan nuts, in order to obtain the kernels. These women use a traditional yet complicated method of breaking the nuts that has been passed on from generation to generation.

After the discovery of the benefits of argan oil and its popularity in the beauty and cosmetic industries, These Berber women have achieved a new status in their society and their labor work has become more important than ever in producing high-quality, 100% organic argan oil.

With advancements in today’s technologies, they can now produce this liquid gold using modern techniques that don’t require the same level of complication and difficulties. The increase in Argan oil’s popularity has given these rural women of Morocco chances to earn decent income, educate themselves, and make a good living.

Every time you purchase bulk argan oil for yourself or business , you are supporting a bright future for these women who work hard to extract the argan tree’s liquid gold.

The Impact on The Lives Of The Farmers

We seek to improve the lives of the farmers who frequently lack alternative sources of income. By working directly with selected farmers/producers, adhering to our fair trade practices, we are able to develop direct relationships between these farmers and buyers, cutting out middlemen and ensuring that more of the profits go directly to them. Direct trade fosters transparency, trust, and mutual respect between all parties involved in the supply chain.

Environmental Conservation & Sustainability

Although found across the globe, the Argan trees of southwest Morocco are the only species that give fruits. The environment of this region of Morocco provides the ideal growing conditions for the trees, making it almost impossible to grow elsewhere. It’s these fruits that hold the oil, making them a valuable natural commodity to the region.

Argan trees are a vital part of Morocco’s landscape and ecosystem, but unfortunately, they have become endangered. At our company, we promote sustainable harvesting practices for argan fruits and kernels. This includes guidelines to ensure that only a certain percentage of argan fruits are collected from the trees, allowing the trees to regenerate and maintain healthy populations.

Other initiatives taken by us are reforestation efforts, preservation of natural habitats, and promoting organic farming practices to minimize the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Your purchase of bulk argan oil also helps to protect and preserve the incredible argan trees of Morocco.

Purchase The "Green" Argan Oil

Every purchase of wholesale argan oil from us helps contribute to the local community and the environment. Feel proud every time you buy products from us! Not only will you get high-quality, 100% organic argan oil for yourself or business, but you also help the lives of thousands and the argan trees, ensuring that the world will receive these high quality products for many years to come. 

Our products are available in various container sizes for different requirements and needs. This includes plastic bottles, gallon containers, large container and more. For more information about our fair trade practices, certifications, and products, get in touch today.

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