Cold-Pressed vs Expeller-Pressed Oil: What’s The Difference

Cold-pressed and expeller-pressed oil are the methods of extracting oil from seeds, nuts, or fruits. They are the 2 most famously used method to produce high-quality oil-based products because they can preserve the natural qualities of the oil, including its flavor, aroma, color, and nutritional content.

Although they are similar, the main difference between these two methods lies in the temperature of extraction. Cold-pressed oil key characteristic is low extraction temperature (typically below 122°F or 50°C) whereas expeller-pressed oil extraction process generates heat through friction.

In this article, we will explore the differences between these 2 in details.

1. Extraction Process

  • Cold-pressed oil: This process aims at extracting oils from seeds or fruits at low temperature (below 122°F or 50°C) to retain maximum nutrients and value.
  • Expeller-pressed oil: This process utilizes a mechanical presser (expeller) to squeeze the oil from the seeds, nuts or fruits with no additional heat provided.

2. Temperature

  • Cold-pressed oil: The main emphasize of this method is to keep the temperature low and constant throughout the process.
  • Expeller-pressed oil: Although there’s no external heat applied during the extraction process, a small amount of heat will be produced due to the mechanical friction of the presser.

3. Nutrient Retention

  • Cold-pressed oil: This method is often favored more compared to expeller-pressed oil because it can retain maximum nutrients, including those that are heat-sensitive such as some antioxidants.
  • Expeller-pressed oil: While the majority of the nutrients will be retained, a small amount of heat can potentially destroy certain heat-sensitive nutrients.

4. Flavor & Aroma

  • Cold-pressed oil: The oil extracted from this process tends to produce fresher, nutty and distinct aroma.
  • Expeller-pressed oil: The flavor and aroma of the oil extracted from this process tends to be less intense compared to the cold-pressed technique.

5. Applications

  • Cold-pressed oil: Often preferred for culinary purposes where natural aroma, flavor and tastes are important, as well as in cosmetic and beauty products where maximum nutrients retention are required.
  • Expeller-pressed oil: This is widely used for cooking and food preparation where there is a good balance between nutrients, characteristics and cost-effectiveness.

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