argan oil for nail specialists

How Argan Oil Can Improve Your Nail Business

Argan oil is a pure and natural beauty oil that can heal damaged nails and improve the quality of manicures.

Using argan oil bulk in your nail salon will set you apart from other salons and help you to create a loyal customer base that will keep coming back.

Exceed Your Client’s Expectations

When a customer goes to a nail salon, she expects to leave with beautiful looking nails that stay looking beautiful for at least a week.

If a nail salon can fulfill these two basic expectations, the average customer is usually happy.

Incorporating argan oil into your manicures will exceed your client’s expectations by improving the health of her natural nails.

Customers will come back to a salon that gives them something extra.

Using argan oil during the manicure process creates a holistic beauty experience that discerning customers appreciate.

Because most salons don’t do this, your salon will stand apart from the competition.

What Is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is an essential oil that is derived from the kernels of the Moroccan argan tree.

For thousands of years, the Amazigh women of southwest Morocco have used organic argan oil for its beauty, culinary and health benefits.

Argan oil is now being discovered by the rest of the world and is considered the “liquid gold” of Morocco.

Benefits of Argan Oil

Repairs damaged nails

Argan oil is rich with vitamin E and essential fatty acids that help to rehydrate dry, brittle nails. This can help to improve nail quality after harsh acetone nail polish remover is used.

Strengthens nails

The vitamin E in argan oil also helps to strengthen the nails so that they don’t break easily. Using argan oil can prevent nail problems before they start.

Softens skin

Argan oil helps to soften cuticles and skin surrounding the nails that may have become hardened or calloused.

What Can Argan Oil Do For Nails?

We all know that the nail polish and nail polish remover that is used during a manicure is damaging.

Applying argan oil to the nails, cuticles and hands during a manicure can offset chemical damage by supplying the skin and nails with much needed moisture.

Read more about argan oil nail polish.

Because argan oil is a rich source of Vitamin E, it can infuse moisture into even the weakest and most damaged nails.

Applying argan oil to your client’s healthy nails is also beneficial because it can help to prevent damage from the nail polish that will be applied afterward.

how to use argan oil on nails

How to Use Argan Oil During a Manicure

A manicurist should first apply argan oil to the nails and cuticles after old nail polish has been removed.

While the nails are soaking up the rich oil, the manicurist can use a little more oil to give the client a relaxing hand massage.

A Few Drops of Argan Oil Work Wonders

Only a small drop of argan oil is required for each nail to experience the oil’s healing benefits.

Because the oil is so rich with essential fatty acids and antioxidants, a little goes a long way. This is great news for your clients and great news for your business’ bottom line.

Use Argan Oil For Seriously Damaged Nails

If a client arrives at a salon with seriously damaged nails, argan oil can be used to restore and heal the client’s nails.

In this case, the manicurist should provide the client with a bowl of pure argan oil mixed with equal parts pure lemon juice.

The client should then be instructed to soak her nails in the solution for 15 minutes.

Use Argan Oil For Natural Manicures

More and more people, including men, are interested in natural nail manicures.

Providing argan oil treatments during natural manicures can strengthen the nails and improve their natural beauty.

Use Argan Oil Underneath a Client’s Manicure

A client that always uses nail extensions will appreciate the application of argan oil as well.

Explain to your client that you do not wish to neglect the health of her natural nails even if they are always “dressed up.”

Having healthy natural nails underneath nail extensions can prevent infection and improve the longevity of a manicure.

Clients will also love how beautiful and soft argan oil will make their fingers and hands.

Why Morocco?

The climate of southwest Morocco where argan trees grow is uniquely suited to argan oil cultivation and production.

In fact, it is nearly impossible to grow the type of argan trees that argan oil is derived from anywhere else in the world.

Social Benefits of Argan Oil

Our argan oil is fair trade and supports the Amazigh tribe of Morocco.

Now that the world has discovered their beauty secret, the Amazigh women have achieved a new status in their society, and they are now earning an income and going to school.

Before the world learned about the benefits of argan oil, Amazigh women didn’t have much hope for the future.

Living in poverty in the rural parts of Morocco, Amazigh women typically didn’t learn how to read, and they were not allowed to work outside of the home.

Now, life for Amazigh women is changing.

Every time you purchase bulk argan oil for your salon, you are supporting a bright future for the amazing women who work hard to extract the argan tree’s liquid gold.

Amazigh women are now starting their own cooperatives and sending their children to school.

Your purchase of bulk argan oil also helps to protect and preserve the incredible argan trees of Morocco.

Argan trees are a vital part of Morocco’s landscape and ecosystem, but unfortunately, they have become endangered. The demand for argan oil has helped to preserve these trees.

Clients That Keep Coming Back

Every business owner knows that a strong and loyal client base is more valuable than a bunch of random drop-ins.

By focusing on improving your existing clients’ experiences, you can begin building a loyal following that will keep coming back to you.

Incorporating argan oil into each manicure is a simple and affordable way to go from meeting expectations to exceeding expectations.

Make your clients feel cared for by treating them to your new little beauty secret.

Enhance your salon with cosmetic argan oil for nails.