bulk argan oil for hair growth

5 Ways Natural Argan Oil Helps Promote Amazing Hair Growth

One of the best ways to keep your clients happy is for them to see their hair flourishing.

Adding organic Argan oil bulk orders to your inventory allows you to retail it to your clients as well as use it during services.

Here are some reasons why argan oil is a good choice for helping your clients with hair growth.

What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil, derived from the argan tree in south-west Morocco, is a natural product that is rich in vitamin E as well as fatty acids.

The properties found in argan oil have been used to help with improving the hair’s appearance as well as maintaining its health.

Argan Oil and Hair Loss

Healthy hair growth begins with healthy hair follicles as well as a healthy scalp.

Argan oil is filled with natural ingredients, such as phenols, fatty acids, vitamin E, carotenes, and squalene, that help to promote healthy hair strands.

Vitamin E

When the hair follicles are damaged, it is virtually impossible for them to produce healthy strands.

Antioxidants, such as vitamin E, not only prevent tissue damage, but it also helps to repair it.

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that also helps to promote blood circulation, which is essential for a healthy scalp.

Stronger strands

After all of the repair work has been done, vitamin E also goes the extra mile of moisturizing the strands as well.

Whether applied directly to the scalp or you use argan oil for styling hair, the vitamin E that it contains is a great moisturizer.

It can help to prevent the hair from becoming brittle and breaking off, therefore, the hair can retain its length as it grows.

Fatty Acids

Once those strands begin sprouting out, it is important to be able to retain them!

The fatty acids found in argan oil contain anti-inflammatory properties, which help the follicles to remain open.

These healthy fats are also great for preventing dry scalp as well.


Carotene, another awesome ingredient in argan oil, actually encourages sebum production.

Sebum helps to keep the scalp lubricated, but it also helps to prevent the hair from becoming dry.


And while carotenes help with lubricating the hair strands, squalene helps the hair to maintain moisture levels and prevent it from breaking.

Furthermore, it too has antioxidant properties while acting as a detox as well.


And just as it is important to cleanse your body, having a nice clean scalp is essential for healthy hair growth as well.

Phenols can kill microorganisms, helping to keep the scalp clean and even prevent odor.

Not only can phenols help with exfoliation, but they can prevent the growth of bacteria as well.

Can Argan Oil help Regrow Hair?

With all of the amazing ingredients that it contains, argan oil can definitely help with hair growth.

It contains natural ingredients that promote healthy follicles, a healthy scalp, as well as healthy hair strands.

By providing hair with the best environment, it can grow to its full potential, and may even grow at a faster rate than it previously had.

safe and natural argan oil hair loss

Is Argan Oil a Safe Way of Treating Hair Loss?

Argan oil is a natural oil that contains natural ingredients. For this reason, it is one of the safest forms of treatment for hair loss.

Not only does organic argan oil add nutrients and vitamins to the hair and scalp, but it can also help to protect it from damage and bacteria as well.

Business benefits of argan oil

If you have clients that suffer from hair loss, adding organic argan oil to your product list can help to increase your profits.

Regrowing hair is a process that requires frequent and consistent treatment which can mean longterm profits for your business.

Furthermore, because argan oil actually delivers results, your clients may want to continue using it long after their hair has grown back.

Increased clientele

No word of mouth spreads quicker than a customer who is either very dissatisfied or very happy.

Once your clients can see the hair growth, as well as its improved appearance, they will be walking billboards for your business.

Every time someone asks one of your clients about their hair, it creates an opportunity for your client list to expand.

Social benefits of argan oil

We deal with farmers in south-west Morocco directly in order to provide them with the most profits by eliminating the middleman.

When you add argan oil bulk orders to your stock, you help farmers to sustain their business, so they can provide jobs for locals.

With the increase in income, many children are able to receive an education beyond primary school as well.

Keeping the argan tree alive

Not only are farmers dependant on the tree, but the Amazigh women, who extract the argan oil, are dependent on the tree for income as well.

By adding argan oil to your inventory, you also help to ensure that the argan tree is seen as essential and maintains its protection from UNESCO.

This will prevent the tree from being destroyed, so the “liquid gold” that is argan oil can be experienced by many people.


With so many people wanting to use organic products, adding argan oil to your stock makes perfect sense.

It is 100% natural and provides maximum results without being harsh on your clients’ hair.

So much to gain

Argan oil can help both you and your clients see a vast increase in growth. Your clients can regrow and maintain long hair, while your profits can increase as well.

You can include argan oil in your services as an upcharge as well as allow your clients to purchase it for at-home treatments.